Your office fitout and décor are a reflection of your business. This means that if you want to present yourself as a modern, forward thinking organisation, you will need to make sure your office has a sleek, on-trend appearance to match.

With design trends changing all the time, it can be hard to keep up-to-date, but there are a few common features that you’ll find in the latest office design.

1. Activity-based working

Gone are the days of individual offices and cubicles. In most modern offices, you’ll find activity-based working areas and open spaces for collaboration. A flexible workspace that allows employees to move around and work in the environment that best suits their needs can increase productivity and improve communication.

Just make sure that as well as communal spaces for conversation, you also have quiet areas for focus. Glass partitions that can be frosted or left clear are a great way to divide your workspace into different areas while still maintaining a bright, open plan feel.

2. Personalised branding

Rather than following a set design and look, the modern office is cohesive with an organisation’s brand identity. This means incorporating elements of your business branding and style into your office fitout. Your fitout could feature your brand colours, or incorporate some of your brand’s style into the overall design of your office.

Think about the qualities of your brand and how you could make them part of your office fitout. Whether you are quirky, traditional, upbeat or something else, you can find a way to use furniture and decorative elements that reinforce this.

Modern Office Fitout Ideas / Formula Interiors

3. Bringing nature inside

Elements of the natural environment are increasingly being found in modern offices, whether through an emphasis on natural light, the addition of plants and green walls or by using natural materials. By incorporating an element of nature, you can create a calmer, more peaceful office environment that your employees will enjoy spending time in.

Your office fitout should be as unique as your business. Adding a few current design trends can create a more appealing working environment and also impress visiting customers or clients. Contact us to find out more.

Modern Office Fitout Ideas / Formula Interiors