At Formula Interiors, we have been setting very high standards for ourselves for over 60 years. To ensure every fit out is completed in line with the client’s brief and our own standards, we use an 8-step fit out management formula.

Here’s what you can expect when you work with our team on a project, from start to finish.  

  1. Project initiation: This starts with a kick-off meeting with all key stakeholders, where we work on the project brief, design, budget, timeline, risks and responsibilities.
  2. Planning: During this stage a project timeline, safety plan and communications plan are developed and presented to the client.
  3. Execution: During the execution phase meetings are hosted (e.g. weekly, or as-needed) where project anomalies and solutions are discussed.
  4. Change management: This involves reviewing the project in terms of quality, cost, time and any issues that have arisen, in line with our Quality Assurance practices.
  5. Risk management: For this step, the construction manager meets with the project manager to review risks and discuss any safety problems that have occurred.
  6. Issues management: An issues log is maintained for all projects. Any issues on the log are reviewed weekly, allowing remedial actions to be developed.
  7. Quality Assurance: The management team conducts audits and project walk-throughs to ensure the project is progressing in line with our quality standards.
  8. Project closure: At the end of the project, we conduct a review, evaluation and documentation of our performance. We also actively seek client feedback to ensure we have met our brief.

Fit Out Management: What Our Project Teams Do / Formula Interiors

Communication is central to the process

Good communication is the backbone of our business philosophy, and critical to the success of every project. Without sound communication in place, there is the risk of problems falling through the cracks and the project failing to make the grade.

Our fit-out method

All construction projects are a balancing act between cost, time and quality. To keep good control and accountability over our projects, we apply our proven project management methodologies and quality assurance techniques by engaging prequalified subcontractors that we know and trust. Through our experience we have learnt that when we set high standards and follow our sound processes, we deliver on projects in line with clients’ needs.

Are you considering a new fit out? Contact us to see how our process and methods can help streamline construction.

Fit Out Management: What Our Project Teams Do / Formula Interiors