Have you considered using commercial architectural products for your office fit-out?

While you can get custom fittings and fixtures, existing commercial products are often a convenient time and cost saver for your project.

So what architectural products are suitable for office fitouts?

Even if you’d like to have some features custom-made, there are a few common areas where it makes sense to choose commercial architectural products. These include:

  • Entranceways and doors. Your entrance is the first impression a visiting client will have of your business, so you want to make sure it looks good. But it doesn’t have to break the bank. As well as the physical door itself you can also purchase commercial door handles, digital locks and hardware for a functional, aesthetically appealing result.
  • Partitions. While open plan offices can save you money on your fitout, they do come with some downsides in terms of privacy and employee productivity. Portable glass partitions can be a great compromise between separate offices and a completely open plan office layout. They are also excellent for creating different areas like meeting rooms and breakout spaces for your staff, and changing these around to suit requirements.
  • Accessories. When it comes to creating a slick office fitout, the devil is often in the details and commercial architectural products can be used for those bits and pieces you may have overlooked. Doorstops and signage are just a few examples.

Commercial Architectural Products for Office Fitouts / Formula Interiors

Commercial architectural products can give your office that professional look and help you get your fitout completed in less time. To learn more about the different products that are available, or to chat about your office fitout needs, contact the Formula Interiors team today.