A fresh retail fit-out involves more than just making a space look nice. When done well, a fit-out helps boost your business by creating a positive and inspiring in-store experience for your customers.

The aim is not just to get more people into your store, but to also encourage them to linger and buy.

Here are some things to consider before starting.

1. Brand image

No matter what changes you make in your outlet, it’s important your fit-out is consistent with your brand image.

Some of the factors to consider here include clear store signage, company colour schemes, artworks and use of lighting.

2. Plenty of room to move

Small over-crowded shops can look quaint and endearing but can also be annoying for shoppers – especially if they start bumping into each other or accidentally knocking things over!

By creating wider aisles and more room to move around, your shop visitors are more likely to meander, linger and browse.

3. A modular approach

Using modular, flexible fixtures allows you to expand your displays, or to shift them around when you want to promote or draw attention to certain products. A modular approach can also allow for moving and altering of walls, without the need for big structural changes as your business grows and evolves.

5 Factors to Consider in Designing a Retail Fit Out / Formula Interiors

4. Seating for shoppers

Placing seating inside your store is something tired shoppers will appreciate. However, it can do more than allow them to rest – it can also encourage them to linger longer and take in more of their surroundings while they’re relaxing.

5. Paths to follow

Just as messy layouts can confuse shoppers, creating clear walkways for customers to follow can make the shopping experience easier and more pleasant, and encourage them to wander and stay in your store for longer.

A professional fit-out company can help you create an interior for your retail outlet that reflects your brand and provides a better in-store experience. Give our expert team a call to discuss your needs.

5 Factors to Consider in Designing a Retail Fit Out / Formula Interiors