Even if an office fit-out appears simple and seamless, you can bet there was a lot that went on behind the scenes in making it happen!

There are plenty of factors that need to be built into the scope for your new office fit-out. Here’s what to look for.

1. Your needs, budget and schedule are balanced

The fit-out company has to understand what you want and need as part of the fitout and how it fits within your industry, business goals and company brand. All this needs to be done within your budget and timeframe.

Construction projects can often involve a three-way tension between quality, cost, and time, which can lead to potential problems. For example, cutting costs or rushing could compromise on quality, while continually aiming for the highest quality on the market could lead to time delays and blowouts on costs. This means that these factors need to be carefully balanced right from the start of the project. Process makes the complex simple.

2. Best practice and compliance

Fit-out companies should apply best practice in terms of standards and benchmarks, and comply with building codes, electrical safety regulations, and occupational health and safety. Good health and safety practices also need to be applied during the construction stages, to ensure the safety of contractors and staff as well as clients and the public. We are accountable and the buck stops with us as far as safety and compliance is concerned.


5 Things that Should Be In Your Office Fit-Out Scope / Formula Interiors


3. Flexibility and future changes

These days the old ‘traditional’ office is being phased out in favour of more flexible spaces that are adaptive to the changing nature of the market place.

A good fit-out company will discuss your current and future needs and allow for expansion and other changes in the scope. Knowing this means you can expect to profit from our processes now and into the future.

4. Sustainability

If you want a new workspace that will enable you to save money on bills and reduce carbon emissions, the fit-out company will need to incorporate natural light and energy-efficient lighting and appliances into the scope.

5. Future maintenance and minor works

Installation is only step one. A good fit-out company will also be aware of what will be required in terms of ongoing maintenance and will help you create a preventative maintenance plan or schedule to keep the fit-out in great condition.

Are you looking for the right partner for your office fit-out? Talk to us about how we can bring your vision to life.


5 Things that Should Be In Your Office Fit-Out Scope / Formula Interiors