The old days of static office environments composed of cubicles is gone. Now, the emphasis of commercial office fit-out design is on customisation to suit the organisation.

This involves taking a more flexible approach than in the past, and may include creating a mix of different spaces.

Here are a few ideas to consider for your new workspaces.

Spaces to fit the function

It’s important to create spaces that are tailored to the needs of your workplace – some may be designed for privacy, some for collaboration and co-working, and others for relaxation and socialising. Consider including:

  • Shared agile workspaces for strategists and for teamwork.
  • Open-offices for collaborative teams.
  • Spaces for connection between management and staff.
  • Quiet spaces for creative or IT development work that requires deeper concentration.


Commercial Office Fit-Out Design Ideas / Formula Interiors


Flexible partitioning

Flexible partition systems provide a more adaptable approach than walled offices. It means you can change your office configuration as your business grows.

Examples include switchable glass partitions which can change from transparent to opaque, and Shift partition systems that can be moved according to space requirements.

Mezzanines or split-level designs can also increase the usable floorspace in your office. Another space-saving idea is custom cabinetry for storage, rather than bulky generic units that may not suit your specific needs.

Spaces to work quietly, relax and even nap

There is now more emphasis than ever before on creating spaces that can help staff relax and boost their productivity.

  • Lounge-like rooms with couches, lounge chairs and/or beanbags for relaxation or collaborative creative work.
  • Moveable privacy ‘pods’ to enable quiet work while taking up minimum space.
  • ‘Nap’ pods for resting.
  • Use of colour to stimulate creativity, activity or restfulness, ‘pops’ of colour to create a fun vibe.

Sustainability principles

These days many businesses are interested in reducing both electricity costs and carbon emissions. Options for this include:

  • Low-energy lighting and energy-efficient appliances.
  • Rooftop solar panels.
  • The use of light, recycled materials.
  • Indoor or outdoor greenery to provide shading and cooling.

There are many more ideas that can be incorporated into your new commercial office fit-out. To get started on the design process, give our team a call!


Commercial Office Fit-Out Design Ideas / Formula Interiors