Branding is a crucial part of running a business today, and where better to start than your office fit-out? By incorporating your branding into the bricks and mortar of your business, you can wow visiting clients and keep your employees engaged with your overall brand message.

If you’re looking for inspiration, here are a few easy ways you can incorporate your branding into your office fit-out design.

1. Use your branding colours in your office (but don’t go overboard)

By bringing your brand colours into your office space, you create a consistent brand image that makes your business look professional inside and out. A feature wall or a few colour co-ordinated fixtures or fittings can be less overwhelming than going all out, especially if your brand colours are bright.

2. Consider your brand personality

Your workspace should be a continuation of your brand’s personality. For example, if your brand exudes class and quality, you’ll want to make sure your office fit-out incorporates a taste of luxury. If you’re a young, funky marketing agency, you can be a bit more creative and quirky.

How to Incorporate Branding Into Your Office Fit-Out / Formula Interiors

3. Make use of decals

Decals are a cost-effective way to bring some branding into your workplace. Easy and inexpensive to apply to walls, windows and glassed off areas, decals with your brand images or logos will instantly give your office a lift. Another great feature of decals is they are easily removable and replaceable if you want to refresh your office space.

4. Go beyond the decorative

Bringing your brand identity into your office goes beyond paint colours and furniture choices. Think about how your office layout and overall design can incorporate your brand values and philosophy. For example, do you want to be a bit edgy? Traditional? Calming and peaceful? Whatever your philosophy, it will have implications for how you design your office space, meeting rooms and breakout areas.

If you’re considering a new office fit-out design, get in touch with us at Formula Interiors. Our professional team can help you incorporate your business branding throughout your office space.

How to Incorporate Branding Into Your Office Fit-Out / Formula Interiors