Shift Partitioning Systems – NZS 1170.5 Seismic Certification capable.

Shift, Formula’s “Good Design Australia” award-winning partition system, was chosen for a 2900m2 high-end CBD fit out in Christchurch, New Zealand after achieving the internationally recognised NZS 1170.5 Seismic Certification.

And adding to this international flavour, the complexity of this project required two teams, with architects and project managers mounting a joint venture in both Australia and New Zealand to bring this project to fruition.

Destined to be part of the corporate home of a major financial institution, the finishes and features of the Shift system also had to match the durability of the product. Accordingly, due to the unique features of the Shift system, the client and their design team were able to combine the product’s inherent strength and flexibility with their desired high-end design aesthetic to create a perfect union in the completed installation and their selected finishes.

American Oak Veneer outer panels were used to create a natural look screen on the external face of the Shift panels with glazed internal to provide privacy to each meeting room. A range of other finishes were seamlessly incorporated into the Shift system – one of its key attributes – including digitally printed film glazing, tinted glazing, quilted fabric panels, “Sapphire” glass whiteboards and magnetic whiteboards.

For Shift to meet the requirements of the NZ building code which seeks to mitigate the effects on the built environment given the region’s seismic activity, a specific bracing design was required that is capable of withstanding earthquake magnitude determined in accordance with NZS 1170.5.

As a non-structural system, Shift required a seismic restraint and a custom designed steel “Halo” bracing was developed and incorporated into its top track. This new bracing combines with an isolated mounting to the slab above to give Shift its first NZS 1170.5 Seismic Certification while maintaining its ‘demountability’ and minimal make good for any future churn.

Shift offers client’s a modular, GECA certified, VOC tested, acoustically rated partition system with a variety of stylish finishing options, complete with fully integrated power/data and AV Hardware mounting solutions. With its ability to achieve seismic rating, Shift is indeed a truly flexible partition system, suitable for almost all office environments.