As a significant user of paper and with the “paperless society” still to deliver on its long awaited promise, the construction industry is a prime candidate to deliver better ways to manage its paper v/s paperless outputs and thus improve environmental outcomes.

With this goal in mind, Formula is about to commence the process of dialogue with its clients to seek collaboration on moving to eliminating paper O&M Manuals and As Built documentation from end-of-works deliverables and provide digital versions only.

“These paper documents alone produce mountains of paper which historically get put in a cupboard and often forgotten or worse, just lost”, according to Gary McDonell, CEO of Formula.

Formula has been reaching out to our key clients from June 1st via face-to-face meetings to gauge the “buy in” from building end users, tenants and facilities managers.

Mr McDonell is confident that the initiative will be well received and with the secure, server-interfaced technology we all hold in our hands today, in the future access to these documents will be never further than a few screen taps or key strokes away for the user.

“We all have to walk the walk on sustainability strategies in our industry and we firmly believe this is a meaningful step in the right direction o which each building project – big or small – can contribute”, Mr McDonell said.