Shift is a highly resolved partition system with best in category ease of install and churn that allows you to reconfigure your workplace as the business changes.
The clever modular panels allow you to change the way the system is used; a simple reconfiguration can update an executive office to a fun collaborative space with integrated interactive technology – literally overnight.

Formula continues to develop Shift with the product recently undergoing further acoustic testing.
A sample standalone office pod was constructed in a warehouse and various ceiling and partition panels were interchanged for acoustic testing.
To test the sound insulation performance, a noise source was placed inside the pod with the door closed and the internal reverberant noise field was measured. Measurements were then made outside the pod, including checks for sound leakage paths. A number of different configurations were tested to determine the change in the sound insulation of the partition.

The result of this testing shows that Shift successfully can achieve a field-tested rating of Dw39 (laboratory-tested equivalent of up to Rw44). Shift also meets the AS2107 recommended reverberation times for private offices and conference rooms.

This ongoing improvement and testing further demonstrates Formula’s commitment to offer clients more versatility in their system choices and ensures that Shift can be confidently specified and installed to meet high acoustic requirements.

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