“We create diverse and functional working environments with purpose”

After more than 60 years in business you get to know what works. That’s why Formula is trusted by our loyal clients to deliver hundreds of projects every year across a wide range of industry sectors.

6 Commercial Interior Fitout Ideas for Smaller Spaces

If your work environment is on the small side, it’s important to ensure it doesn’t become cluttered or overcrowded. Not only can this impact on productivity, it can make your business appear chaotic and less professional to customers and visitors! But with the right...

Why Office Fit Out Companies are Bringing the Outdoors In

Years of research has shown what many of us know anecdotally – that plants and natural environments can have a very positive impact on our mood and feeling of wellbeing. Some studies even show that productivity, concentration and memory are improved in workplaces that...

Climb for Cancer Event at Waterfront Place

Once again, some of the Formula staff took place in the annual “Climb for Cancer” fundraising challenge at Brisbane’s Waterfront place.

Formula delivers the new Qantas International Lounge Extension at Brisbane Airport.

The Formula delivery teams have been busy with various projects including the extension of the Qantas International Lounge at Brisbane Airport.

Modern Office Fitout Ideas

Your office fitout and décor are a reflection of your business. This means that if you want to present yourself as a modern, forward thinking organisation, you will need to make sure your office has a sleek, on-trend appearance to match. With design trends changing...